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Healthline Nutrition was started in 1992 as a retail supplement store. Still open today, Healthline has survived and grown in spite of the many changes in the natural health industry. John Pruden, the owner of Healthline from the start, is and has been a nutrition researcher. His many years as owner of HNC has given him a lot of insight into products that work the best for various health issues for both human and animals.

During the last 10 years, John has been involved in formulating and manufacturing over 100 natural supplement products in the human and animal industry.

Healthline Nutrition now manufactures and distributes colloidal silver to health food and pet stores throughout the US.

Our state of the art manufacturing process assures quality and purity with every batch.

We produce 99.9% pure colloidal silver, 18ppm, the finest human grade CS in the industry.

We also distribute the most powerful probiotic available for animals.

You will find our products to be very cutting edge.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best research material available via our web site:

We provide sales literature and shelve talkers with every order and we will train your staff.

Thank You,

John Pruden / Healthline Nutrition