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Digestive Enzymes

The best dry and canned dog food available, is cooked above 118 degrees destroying all the enzymes necessary to properly break down the food into small enough particles to be easily absorbed. Most enzyme activity is done in the stomach, very little is done in the intestinal area.

Adding enzymes back into your animals food before eating will ensure the highest level of nutrients available for assimilation.

It's not what an animal eats, it's what they absorb.

Our broad spectrum enzymes (12 strains) are the highest potency enzymes available for animals.

Our enzymes are designed to completely break down all food groups, even at different ph levels.

Our enzymes are 100% human grade.

¼ tsp =

Protease 4.5  20,000 HUT

Protease 3.0  15 SAPU

Protease 6.0  2500 HUT

Amylase 3500 DU

Glucoamylase 25AGU

Lipase 750 FIP

Invertase 300 SU

Cellulase 700 CU

Beta-glucanase 300 BGU

Alpha-galactosidase 100 GalU

Xylanase 500 XU

Lactase 300 ALU

The measurement units of our enzymes, are the only true measurements.